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Group Vanhie real estate projects

Group Vanhie has been active in the real estate sector for many years, with over 20 years of experience in the field and the necessary knowledge gained. We decided to take the next step and actively invest in project development.

Through cooperation with financially independent partners, we obtained the opportunity to start multiple and larger projects on our own. Therefore, Group Vanhie is currently investing in various real estate projects in both West and East Flanders.

Since 2023, we have also started in Spain, where we collaborate with experienced real estate agents who know Spain inside and out, allowing us to offer the same service that you are accustomed to from us in Belgium.

We are happy to personally assist you in your search for a second home or perfect investment. Take a look at our various offerings!

Sustainable project development

Our range includes apartments, houses, holiday homes, recognized assisted living flats, as well as the sale and development of Tiny Houses. Through the combination of carefully selected locations and sustainable quality materials, you can enjoy your investment in peace, creating your new home!

The choice to invest in high-quality and affordable real estate always leads to the fact that we exceed the standards and building regulations, making your investment more than worth it.

Building without worries

In addition to our own projects, we are increasingly being asked by customers to assist them during their construction process and help them realize their specific home. Therefore, we gladly share our knowledge and expertise by taking on the administrative follow-up and construction coordination of your project. A turnkey solution tailored to your wishes!

We do everything in our power to further build our good reputation and continue to earn the trust of our customers.

Vanhie Alexander