Custom Building

Custom Building

You can also come to us for a quality coordination of your construction project. In addition to our own projects, we are happy to share our knowledge and over 20 years of experience. Most people who decide to build a house or other construction project only do this once, so gaining experience is often not an option. Therefore, you can avoid many worries and problems by choosing a reliable construction coordinator.

We take care of the follow-up of the entire construction trajectory, from the design phase to delivery. During the execution, we check the quality of the materials used and various execution techniques in order to also bring your project to a successful conclusion.

In principle, you have a few options when realizing a construction project:

  • Loose contracts where you search for various contractors for the construction work yourself.
  • Construction coordination is an intermediate step where we take over these tasks from you, but you remain the final responsible party.
  • Turnkey, which offers perfect protection in the form of the Breyne Law, is also a possibility that we can offer you.

What exactly does construction coordination entail?

  • Providing advice to you, as the builder
  • Performing administrative work and mapping it out clearly, budget controlchecking invoices and progress statements, open bookkeeping…
  • Requesting quotes, awarding contracts, specialized studies (EPB, Safety,…)
  • Advice on choice of materials
  • Continuous planning, coordination and steering of contracts
  • Monitoring the construction project, quality control of the execution
  • We are the central point of contact for your project, saving you effort and potential headaches.
  • Monitoring the delivery and any aftercare.

During the assignment, various subcontractors are brought in, this can be done by both the builder and the construction coordinator. The various quotes are then compared based on price, quality and execution terms, for the project. Eventually, a variety of contractors emerge… You get a well-coordinated construction team at your disposal.

Do you have plans to realize a new construction project? Then definitely contact us. Always ready to introduce you to our way of working.